Zoned for business

So at the request of fellow forum-goers, who were sick of going back to the beginning of a level after the marble fell, I hurried up and added restart zones. So far they work out quite well. At first I just had restart “points” and when the marble fell, whatever point it was closest to on the X/Z axis would be the spot to go in. But I starting playing with it and saw an inherent problem: the player could end up restarting where they haven’t been yet (?). That doesn’t seem right.

I have since changed the concept to a zoned restart point which means once you enter the zone of a restart point (approximately 5×5 tile area) it is available for you to restart in. Restarts are widgets and widgets can have zones, so this easily fit into the current system.

Debug view of the restart zones. Enter anywhere in the sphere at least once and you are in like Flynn.

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