Welcome the Whirlygig

The Whirly Gig

All hail the powerful Whirlygig!

Today I have finished the model for the Whirlygig, which is the first enemy I will put in the game. I think it came out okay according to Funcy Standards. I took a basic cylinder and shrunk/expanded the scale at various heights to make a type of stumpy, glass shaped object. Hey, if I ever make a 3D RPG I will already have a model for the health potions! 🙂 The fan blades will whirl around (hence the name) when the object moves across the floor. This is pretty much a steal from the enemy Peahat in the 8-bit Nintendo game “Legend of Zelda”. I hope nobody minds…

There are at least a couple types of Whirlygigs planned for. One will move randomly, stopping and starting in random directions, ignoring the player. Another kind will always move toward the player if the player is in its vicinity which is a little trickier to avoid. It may also move faster or more often as well.

On related news: Despite lack of updates, work has continued on the marble game in other areas. I am close to finishing coins. The coin behavior will be the same as gems… roll over them and they rise and shrink into nothingness. It’s an easy trick to do on an object.

For the short term I need to finish the coins, place enemies in the editor (which shouldn’t be too bad), and then I will start on the enemy system in the game itself!

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