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The death knell of any blog is infrequent updates, I know. It pains me that the time between this post and the last one is over 6 months!! What now?

The possibility of a long hiatus is just part of the reality of this hobbiest programmer. It has happened before for various reasons. This time, it is mostly new family obligations (baby) and the schedule that brings along with it, as well as a job situation that has regularly destroyed my will to live code my own stuff at night. These are both major contributors to the lack of progress on the marble game.

I also told myself the next post would be the one announcing a new upload of the completed Pre-Alpha is available for everyone to try out, including my fellow hobbiest programmer community. That was a mistake since it is still not ready!

The truth is, I have been working on the game, however infrequently, with bits and bobs written here and there for the Level Picker screen. It has probably been a dozen hours of work over the past six months, which is but a small pittance of my time. What progress I’ve made has been satisfactory, I am probably another few hours away from finishing the screen logic. Then after that I have to touch up the example levels and media (get a new bitmap font) and package it up for global criticism.

I will try to get back into the groove of things and work on the game more steadily. After the Level Picker is complete I will upload screenshots and describe a “click zone” system I’ve cooked up. It is a system to try and abstract out the user interface so I can make changes to it more easily. So far it is a mix of generalized functions (good) and hard-coded hacks (bad). I will most likely make it functional at first, and tidy it up when I have time. In reality there are only a few screens in Marble Maze like the Level Picker so this general code, while nice and the right thing to do, isn’t mandatory for the game to function. It would help on future projects… much like the bitmap font code did.

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