The Raw Numbers

I’ll do this every now and then because I find it amusing.  It is meaningless for the most part, but it does highlight the scope of this project and could be used to track the change in size of it overtime.

Marble Maze Game: Total Lines of Code is 4013 across 9 files
Marble Maze Editor: Total Lines of Code is 5466 across 12 files

A couple files are shared between the two projects (enum definitions, declarations, and shared level loading code) but for the most part they run completely different from each other so not much is borrowed or copied.

Why is a piddly “editor” about 30% larger than the game itself?  Well, this will most likely change in the future (a few game mechanics in the engine have not been coded yet), but basically the editor contains the landscape generation stuff.  It requires a lot of code to take a simple 2D array and generate a 3D level from it.  And this is where I spent a good chunk of my time over the years, as well.  Trying to get it “just right”.

Maybe a future post will try to explain (not excuse) why it has taken me 6 long years to get this far.  A little over 9000 combined lines of code is not much for a programmer to produce in that span of time.  So what is up with that?  I’ll leave to continue that thought for another day…

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