The Raw Numbers + Future

So it has been a while since I’ve done the raw numbers. Here they are:

Marble Maze Game: 6528 lines of code
Maze Editor: 7482 lines of code

So what’s next on the agenda? I would like to tighten up the logic used for deciding which target the Whirlygig will pick. I will be making it so the Whirlygig can slowly stop at the target coordinates. (This will help it not fall of the edge, and look a little more realistic.) I need to get a death sequence for the Whirlygig (fade away).

Once the Whirlygig is all set I will most likely move onto the Editor portion. There is a lot of Editor work that needs to be done, and not just for adding enemies. In order to get the Special/Props system I want, I’m going to have to rework Specials so they are more like Widgets. In that they can be rotated by the user, show up on the map faded until placed, and be larger than 1×1. Once that is done, there will be a lot of cool possibilities with props and moveable objects.

Props are just static models that can be placed and will give character to a level. They will all fit into a predefined “shape” category. For instance, in the jungle theme there will be a prop which is a “mound shape”, that will be textured like a boulder. In the snow theme it will just be a mound of snow the marble rolls over.

Moveable objects will be used for particular physical puzzles. A large box type moveable can be placed near a trench, and dropped inside to make a bridge. A thin/wide moveable can be knocked over to be used as a bridge, or when leaned against a short wall, used as a ramp. These are typical in many marble games so nothing new, but it will be fun to play with nonetheless.

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