The Raw Numbers

So here are the raw numbers, not very telling of all the work I’ve done since last time!

Marble Maze Game: Total lines of Code is 4038 across 10 files
Marble Maze Editor: Total lines of Code is 5187 across 12 files

I removed a shared source file (the one that generates the level object) from the game engine project, because I can have the editor handle whatever level-making needs I may have to test so it was extra fluff to the numbers, not to mention compile time.  That cut down the game engine code by about 800 lines, but adding Bitmap Fonts and improved Zone code brought it back up.

The To Do List has been progressing nicely, and I hope to have an engine alpha (just the game with a few levels, not the editor) ready in a few weeks for friends to try out.  I’m adding a little more polish to the engine (fading screens, maybe music) so it is taking a bit longer than expected.

The real meat of the Alpha version is the editor itself.  A lot of functionality (and code!) is expressed in those few lines on the To Do List.  But it will be very exciting to have those items in place (adding widgets and obstacles).

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