Surrounded by the Enemy

I’ve made enemies available in the editor.  It didn’t take too long, I mirrored what is done for Widgets (i.e. duplicate code).  Since I always add new things to the game engine with the editor in mind, I simply had to start storing the enemy data in the Level file and bam there they were.

What’s next?  To finish off enemies for the beta I would like to work on types that chase the player, both a giant evil ball and a new enemy type that pushes the marble upward (think intelligent tornado).  I may play with some more moveable items and put in the ball, the box, and a wedge.  I’m sure some other shapes will come out of user suggestions or if I see the need for one.  I also have to make sure they disappear when falling off the level.

Really all the major pieces are in, what is left is fine-tuning, adding content, and some polish to the game.  Of course that could be another 2 years worth of work, easy!

Here are the latest numbers:
Marble Maze Game: 7159 lines of code
Maze Editor: 8101 lines of code

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