Stressing the Whirlygig

So whenever I add a new component to the game engine I like to stress test it. You know, push it to the limit and gauge the results. So after plugging in a bare-bones Enemy system (copying some stuff from the Widget system) I decided to add 400 Whirlygig models (animated via rotate limb) to the game engine to see how they fared. They did pretty well from what I could see.

If this were not a test, the player would probably be in a heap o' trouble.

Don’t get too excited, the only thing these guys do is sit there and spin. Nothing happens when you touch them (except normal collision) and they don’t move at all. They just sit and animate. This will probably be the only time 400 enemies will be on a level… once the movement/AI is put in another stress test will be done.
I’ll be working on the game engine for the next couple of weeks to flesh out these little guys and get them moving on their own. After my hard-coded enemy placement is complete and they work well in the game itself, I will then make them available in the editor. Which hopefully won’t be too bad… but I have hoped that before. 🙂

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