Stress Test Complete

Well, I did the stress test and the engine can “handle” it. I say “handle” because it was running at a whopping 5 frames per second. And on top of that, all the geometry of these railing objects caused the level file (which is already zipped, mind you) to a whopping 13MB !

If the player makes a level like this, they DESERVE a 5 frames per second experience.

Now that it is proven to work I must sit back and think about how to handle these railings. It is true that I want them to look decent, but it is equally true that I don’t want a player to build level geometry that cripples the game and makes the level unplayable. I could do several things to help this out:

  • Introduce the idea of railings costing Fun Points
  • Reduce the geometry of the railings, the collision shapes, or both
  • Hard code limit of number of railings, outside of Fun Points concept
  • Do not pre-build railings, have them built upon loading the level

The Undo/Redo logic is done, and that finishes off the Obstacles in the editor item under the ToDo list. That leaves one item left: the Level Picker screen.

What is planned for this screen, you may ask? Well months ago I scribbled on a piece of paper the layout I want for this screen. A simple backdrop and a scrollable list are the requirements, the rest is just fluff.

I don’t know when I will get it done but after this I may fix up the Classic mode a little bit, make some levels, and push it out the door for a public Alpha test. WOOT!

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