Still here

Over a year with no posts — that is the symptom of a dead blog.  But I am still here and paying the bills to be hosted.

Truth be told I have not done much hobbyist programming since The Lost Wand.  Really none.  I am still liking the Monkey syntax and I have kept up with the language updates, forum posts and the community in general.  There are many reasons why I have not done any coding for fun and I will avoid explaining them here.  A general reason would be “I didn’t feel like it” at the time, while home soon after work or late at night.  Instead I have chosen to play computer games or vegetate in front of the TV.  Very unproductive.

I have continuously been thinking about game development over the past year.  In games I have been playing I have also been looking at what works and what does not.  I have jotted down thoughts for games, both desktop and mobile but none are listed here yet.  My creative ideas have been piling up and they need an outlet soon.

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