Slow and steady wins the … Slowpoke Award

Real life has taken over and kept me busy for a bit, so development has slowed to a crawl. Where there has been spots of free time I have chosen to spend it elsewhere. That’s not to say that Marble Maze has been forgotten. Oh no, it is something I think about near daily.

My young son is a fan of the game, and he enjoys “painting” his own levels and then playing them. So he is quite familiar with the game. He has his own requests of additions to the game (keeps asking about getting a lava tile that hurts the marble). Sometimes while we are drawing pictures together I put out some ideas of mine and ask him what he thinks about them.

I scanned in a couple of the pictures from these sessions and here they are for your amusement and enjoyment. Okay, really more for your amusement. 🙂

That red mushroom-looking thing in the middle is supposed to be a "bumper", akin to those things in pinball machines.

Showing two enemies: a Green Ooze (left) and a Whirly-Gig (bottom right), and what a lava tile might look like.

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  1. Including the boy child. Awesome! 🙂