Slow, and not so steady

So work continues at a snail’s pace.  I have not fixed up the coins.  I played with Classic view a bit but wasn’t happy with the result so we are back to the original Classic view for now.  Not much has been done for fixing up the Specials in the editor yet.

Really what it is, is that I have some trepidation about making some large-scale changes to the Editor, and how it handles Special types.  Specials can be a variety of items: railings, obstacles (static objects), gems/coins, powerups, moveable objects.  All those things.  I want to make the Special type act like the Widget type in the Editor.  Namely, be able to be larger than 1×1 tile, rotatable, and ghosted/solid based on placement.  No doubt it will improve the editor immensely and allow me to make larger obstacle types.  It’s just consists of gutting a lot of existing code.

I’m also teetering on the edge of reworking the Widget logic in the editor to be more general so I can just use that, instead of copying the code and tweaking, which I hate to do.  However, I feel that the language’s data structures and procedural methodology will make this tricky.  So it may end up being a copy job, because Specials are just different enough from Widgets to make it difficult to join them up.

I have time off in the next few days, so perhaps some late nights will be possible and I can finish up Specials so I can then move onto Enemies in the Editor!

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