Reuseable Code FTW

One of the items on my To Do list is to have Bitmap Fonts. Bitmap Fonts are a graphical alphabet. The standard fonts don’t really look right in a game, and all sorts of cool effects (fading) can be done with the graphical version. Usually writing a system like this in a game can take several hours to get right. However, I was able to take lines upon lines of code from an earlier project (called Cubix!) and just place it into the Marble Maze game.

Whammo! I had bitmap fonts.

This is the beauty of reuseable code. If an area of a game is something central enough that it can be used elsewhere, it is worth the effort to make it modular and pluggably friendly for later projects. I spent some extra time on the Bitmap Fonts code I used in the previous game, and saved that time and more on this current project.

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