Programmus Interruptus

Hello out there!

I’m still alive and kicking but my time for game development has been reduced in the past month and I don’t have much new to report. I’ve dabbled here and there adding more support for obstacles (pipe barriers, and even “props” a level can have based on a theme). I was able to green out another item in the To Do list, now that I have “Fun Points” working in the editor the Widgets portion is complete. That leaves doing complete obstacle support in the editor (half-done), and polishing up the Level Picker screen in the game.

The time it is taking me to get done with these last few tidbits is causing me to change my outlook on what a “private alpha” is going to be like. It might not be so private any longer. In order to solicit more feedback and [possibly] get some encouragement, I’m seriously thinking of posting my alpha milestone on the Darkbasic Professional forums WIP board and see how it does on the many different system specs represented there.

My life will only be getting busier in the next couple months so I’m not sure how much will get done during that period. But I will try to get the full Alpha working as soon as I can so it can “get out there” for others to see.

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