One (almost) down, one to go!

By some miracle I was able to find time these past few nights to get some coding done. What I accomplished was making it so obstacles (railings) can be added to a level by the Editor. Of course whenever I do something like this I decide to stress test it. A stress test of railings involved me filling up a screen (about 25×25 tiles worth) of the cross piece railings and see how it measured up. A nice friendly “3D Error” greeted me when I tried to file the level.

I believe the polygon count of the railings, when stitched together in a single object limb, exceed some internal number. So instead of 3×3 chunks of railing objects in the level I had to make it 6×6 chunks. This made it work.

Here is a 25x25 block of railings. Quite ridiculous, actually.

I need to try and see what 60×60 railings will do. Hopefully at worst it will cause my frames per second to drop down to 4-5, and nothing more. The problem with a level editor is if you let the user do crazy things… they will do crazy things!

All that is left for railings/obstacles is to do the Undo/Redo functionality, which should be trivial.

2 Responses to One (almost) down, one to go!

  1. I’d definitely try reducing the poly count for farther away railings. You could probably double or triple your geometry that way.

    I’d also say try making the railings all just one object (using memblocks or some similar method) if that’s possible. It’ll make things a lot faster.

  2. Hello and thanks for the suggestions. I already make the railings a single object via make mesh from object (or 36 objects, with the level divided into 6×6 railing “chunks”). The rest of the level would never work another way.

    When far away swapping in a reduced poly object is an option, too. That may make for large level files, since these railings are sizeable objects.

    I will probably end up making “Obstacle Points” and include railings and other obstacles on the level with it, outside of “Fun Points”.