More Progress To Come

So I beefed up the To Do List, to be more accurate in what I’m planning to do for the “Beta” version. A few more widgets were added. I might even add a “damage” tile to the list. For most maps this would be a “lava” type tile, although perhaps something else could be for other maps (poison, electrical, etc.) Whatever it is, it would have to be animated, which is something these tiles do not do yet. I’ll have to look into what I need to do for that. I think it is merely changing an image reference for the landscape object, which won’t be too bad.

Next is moveable objects for some fun physics puzzles, and putting enemies in the editor. Enemies shouldn’t be too bad now that I’ve got the Widget/Special system defined. After those items there are some big editor improvements, such as widget popups and level info popup. The level info popup screen will be a big screen with all the level “options” on it. User can pick a theme, camera types available, goal type (require all gems, time limit, etc.), and all sorts of other things.

Lots of work ahead.

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