In blog years it has been an eternity since the last update — 9 months ago.  I have been dabbling here and there, with not much to show for it.

Lost Wand mobile

Smaller dungeon means packing the fun into tighter spaces!

The current plan is to get The Lost Wand to market on the Android, to sit along with the other 1,000,000+ apps. :(  If things go better than expected (i.e. more than $0.50 a month in ad revenue) the push for Windows phones will be made as well.

Some sprucing up of the game is needed to make it more fun to play and a better presentation.  Here is a list of the things I would like to do, in no real order:

  • Smooth movement of character/monsters, walking & combat
  • Dungeon tiles fading in with movement
  • Health meters in combat, and at top
  • AdMob support
  • Ability to flee combat (experience penalty?)
  • New Speed stat will determine how fast you move + flee chance
  • Upon leveling you can choose Speed, Attack, or Defense bonus
  • Multipurpose button on bottom, to sacrifice gold, flee combat, stairs
  • Text which fades out, describing the action!
  • Achievements system (amassing gold, winning through combat or sneaking, etc.)
  • Better title screen, with scrolling icons to show what is what
  • Better graphics (?) , with option to “go retro!”
  • About screen with credits & a point to Monkey-X language

These items should not take very long to accomplish, really.  It’s a matter of motivation at this point.  I really need to finish this project so I can begin the next one (many ideas, haven’t settled on one yet).

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