MMCS : To Do List

To keep things on track, and feel a steady sense of accomplishment, I like to maintain “to do lists” on large projects.  These to do lists are useful for tracking progress towards the next major milestone. (Development of this game has stopped as of June 2012.)

Item Key:
Planned = listed to be done, any design work has been done already
Started = actively involved in completing this item
Working = functional at a basic level, but has more left to do
Finished = working completely as designed
Delayed = may not be done for this milestone
* Anything marked with (ED) is specific to the Editor, not the game itself

The current milestone is Creating a Beta Demo.  An Alpha version is already available for people to play with.  This Beta version will have all the major components of the game engine complete.  After the Beta version is done, most of what will be added is media (new textures, sounds, etc.) and new game items such as more enemies, widgets, specials, and props for the player to use.  The game and editor have been designed and coded with this expandability in mind so hopefully the rest will come quickly enough.


Updated: 06/01/2012

  • Platform object texture associated with function
  • Clean up UV Maps on current widgets
  • Fix UV Maps on Obstacles (pipe barriers)
  • Start/End platform widget triggers
  • Fix Zone system so walls block/unblock zones (raycast)
  • Fix widget placement with rotation and joint direction
  • Restrict rigid body bounds so it does not leave Newton World
  • Do not rely on elasticity from Newton, utilize collision details
  • Increase zone groups to (60*60) for more efficient Zone checks
  • Bitmap Font system
  • Screen Fade system
  • Level Picker screen to load a level
  • (ED) Eye-dropper tool to set the current tile settings to whatever tile you click on
  • (ED) Fix button down-click checks (enforce downclick within grid for tile placement)
  • (ED) Basic level save-able checks (start/end, etc.)
  • (ED) Prompt user to save upon Exit/New
  • (ED) Undo (Ctrl-Z)
  • (ED) Place widgets on level
  • (ED) Place specials on level (pipes – obstacles)
  • MILESTONE: Alpha Version available to test (private)
  • Enemy: first model/texture (whirly-gig)
  • Enemy: system (basic)
  • Enemy: collision checks (by material)
  • Enemy: movement (random)
  • Enemy: movement (seeking player)
  • Special: system (basic)
  • Special: coins / jewels
  • Special: props
  • Special: moveable items
  • (ED) Special: make larger than 1×1 square
  • (ED) Special: make ability to be rotated
  • (ED) Add Widget flags for possible slope placement
  • (ED) Place enemies on level
  • (ED) Paging support on Tabs
  • (ED) Widget info popup (Timing, other info, etc.)
  • (ED) Level info popup (Name, Type, etc.)
  • (ED) Save Mini-Map canvas to file and include in level zip
  • Enemy Action: attract and push upward (tornado effect)
  • Improve Enemy AI to avoid cliffs better
  • Campaign: Picker/process screen
  • Pack skybox textures
  • Make widget texture system work with “Themes”
  • Title Screen (basic)
  • Sound effects
  • Music loops
  • Widget: Black/White hole
  • Widget: Vertical Box Fan
  • Widget: Table Fan model
  • Widget: Oscilating Fan
  • 5 Levels showcasing all the game engine’s mechanics
  • MILESTONE: Beta Version available to test (public)