So again… progress moves slowly, ever so slowly. It is no wonder this has been an eight year (plus) project.  It is a strange, but all too familiar, feeling to have this game always looming in the background, disturbing my thoughts, distracting me from some enjoyment of other things I do.  Yet making time to buckle down and get this last piece together to send out to a few interested people in the world to play with –  this has been elusive.  What do I fear?

Last week I spent $15 on a ticket, and $15 on parking, to go see a screening of Indie Game: The Movie. It was a full house, and I’m glad I got my ticket early online because it was sold out. This film details the story of three Independent Game Developers, and they happen to be successful ones. It describes the plight of very few programmers, with minimal financial backing, on their quest to build their game. They are Artists, no doubt, and writing games is their main form of expression. Living a hundred years ago, they might have been musicians, visual artists, or writers of fiction. As predicted, I found the film inspiring. But how do I fit into all this?

I do not have financial backing to pursue this project full time. I have a day job and a family. In other words, time is limited therefore progress is limited. But I still have a vision. This vision might not be earth-shatteringly new, as there have been a steady stream of marble platform games coming in since Marble Madness in the arcades. Out of all my other game designs, I believe this project is one with the most chance of being popular and accessible.

Work continues on the Enemy AI, I believe I will be doing some heavy digging to make this as flexible and solid as possible. But I may try to patch things up as best I can in the short term, so I can release a demo to the few who are waiting for it and get back to the other areas I need to improve.

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