Happy 2 Year Birthday to Funcygames Blog!

Hey there!  This blog started exactly two years ago today.  The game has come a long way.  Not as far as I had planned, but we have still made some good progress.  Who knows?  Perhaps when this game is done it won’t have to be played in an emulator? 🙂

No new demo available to celebrate, unfortunately.  Progress has been a little slow in June but I should be back on track shortly.  I added a box for a moveable object, I may add more sizes of boxes, for variety and different uses.  I may make some sweeping improvements to the Enemy AI before I add the chasing behavior, that will make it take longer but in the end I think it will make for a better system.  I am thinking about modifying the Restart widget process. so when the player restarts after falling certain moveable objects will be reset as well.

Videos of new stuff should come about in the next couple of weeks.

One Response to Happy 2 Year Birthday to Funcygames Blog!

  1. This is looking really good. Just found out about this an I must say it looks really well done. The physics in this game is of high quality. I myself use DarkBasic and have yet to make something as poslished as this. Congrats on your 2 year birthday. Keep up the good work.