The Lost Wand

About the Game
This is the first game I have written in the Monkey Language. This is the type of game I have always used to learn a new computer language. So I have written this game about 5 times. Amusingly enough, this is the first time I have finished any version of The Lost Wand! It is mostly due to the fact that I simplified it greatly to make it a “mini game” and not add in too many features. It was still over 2k lines long.

As the game carries the GNU GPLv3 license, the source and assets can be found here: Google Code Project.

How to Play
Guide your character through 20 levels of the dungeon to reach your goal: obtaining The Lost Wand. You can exclusively use the mouse in the game but there are keyboard commands as well.

Here is what you’ll find.

  • Stairs – They will go up or down a level. Each floor is randomized, even going back up! (Enter key)
  • Temple – Deposit gold to gain experience. Standing on a temple will heal you 3x as fast.
  • (?) – These unknown spots can hold traps or treasure.
  • Bags of Gold – Pick these up to get .. gold !
  • Enemies – They move very slowly but will always move toward you!
  • Purple Sword – Click this to do a Super Smash on the enemy. Accumulating Super Smashes will also improve your attack damage. (Space key while in combat.)
  • Red Potion – Click this to drink a health potion. (H key)
  • Shovel – Click this to dig down a level. (D key)
  • Gray Arrow – Click this to exit back to title screen. (Escape key)

Let me know what you think! In the future I may revamp the entire thing and get this game on mobile devices.

4 Responses to The Lost Wand

  1. Nice work. I didn’t find the wand, but I like the game : )

  2. Very cool. Keep getting killed early in the game, but it’s one of those addicting ones you just can’t give up on. I’ll play this more.

  3. I like the fog of war and the zoom in on the fights. Will you release the code?

  4. There is a link above to the google code project. Requires Diddy. Enjoy!

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