It has been so long since the last post, I am at a loss for words!  So I’ll just show a picture instead.

A ridiculous level like this means only one thing ... testing widgets!

The math and 3D object manipulation to get this working took way too long, but I eventually got it.  Spending half hour chunks here and there among other things didn’t lend itself well to solving the puzzle.  I should have treated it like I treated the dynamic wall-generating algorithm: PAPER.  Sometimes when faced with a coding problem I go back to paper and scribble out my thoughts, and work through the logic of it all.  I should have done that here, but it does not matter … the results are what they should be.

With that part off of the “To Do” list, I only have one thing left before sending out another updated demo: smarten up the AI.  Right now, they fall off cliffs like lemmings, and are generally stupid.   There is also a couple bugs with it where they will run away from the player if approached from different angles, while in different states.  I may also make an “auto shutdown” type flag that if one enemy is touching another it will stop moving for a miniscule amount of time.  I hope this will prevent the physics from getting bogged down when 100 spheres are all pushing toward the same corner (to get to the player).  If I can fix those few things I will be happy.

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