In blog years it has been an eternity since the last update — 9 months ago.  I have been dabbling here and there, with not much to show for it.

Lost Wand mobile

Smaller dungeon means packing the fun into tighter spaces!

The current plan is to get The Lost Wand to market on the Android, to sit along with the other 1,000,000+ apps. :(  If things go better than expected (i.e. more than $0.50 a month in ad revenue) the push for Windows phones will be made as well.

Some sprucing up of the game is needed to make it more fun to play and a better presentation.  Here is a list of the things I would like to do, in no real order:

  • Smooth movement of character/monsters, walking & combat
  • Dungeon tiles fading in with movement
  • Health meters in combat, and at top
  • AdMob support
  • Ability to flee combat (experience penalty?)
  • New Speed stat will determine how fast you move + flee chance
  • Upon leveling you can choose Speed, Attack, or Defense bonus
  • Multipurpose button on bottom, to sacrifice gold, flee combat, stairs
  • Text which fades out, describing the action!
  • Achievements system (amassing gold, winning through combat or sneaking, etc.)
  • Better title screen, with scrolling icons to show what is what
  • Better graphics (?) , with option to “go retro!”
  • About screen with credits & a point to Monkey-X language

These items should not take very long to accomplish, really.  It’s a matter of motivation at this point.  I really need to finish this project so I can begin the next one (many ideas, haven’t settled on one yet).

History of Coding

Some soul searching and reminiscing has occurred over the past couple of months. As a result, I have an outline of the personal history of computer programming I have had over the past 30 years. I have been interested in discovering, and thus defining more clearly, just what it is about programming games that keeps me coming back to it, over and over again.

It is a near-constant thread running through most of my life. And in doing some research and producing the outline, I’m still surprised at how often I have had a project in the works. Outside of a few distractions and life situations there has always been something going on.

By returning to a more technical role at work I expect the desire and available time for hobbyist programming at home to increase. Hopefully some more activity with Monkey programming will be forthcoming.

Know thyself

I am a software developer! It’s a large part of what I am. I do participate in other things such as painting, poetry, fiction, board games…. the list goes on. But it always comes down to software development. It is a hobby and a career.

I had a brief intermission in life’s drama last summer and spent some solid time diving into the Monkey language. I would like to get back to that again, and not suffer from “analysis paralysis” (fear of messing up an OOP design) or avoiding an investment in a medium-sized project with some meat on it.

As I go about the business of getting back into my participation with computer game making, I pause and consider where I’ve been, what I’m doing, and where I’m going. It all seems overly dramatic, I know, and I don’t want to make it seem more than it is.  But it is important to reestablish an old direction and find my course.

Given the above, in the upcoming year I will be moving forward while also looking back to understand why and how I got into this habit of computer programming. I will be posting snippets and scenes and other less technical stuff on the blog from time to time.

Still here

Over a year with no posts — that is the symptom of a dead blog.  But I am still here and paying the bills to be hosted.

Truth be told I have not done much hobbyist programming since The Lost Wand.  Really none.  I am still liking the Monkey syntax and I have kept up with the language updates, forum posts and the community in general.  There are many reasons why I have not done any coding for fun and I will avoid explaining them here.  A general reason would be “I didn’t feel like it” at the time, while home soon after work or late at night.  Instead I have chosen to play computer games or vegetate in front of the TV.  Very unproductive.

I have continuously been thinking about game development over the past year.  In games I have been playing I have also been looking at what works and what does not.  I have jotted down thoughts for games, both desktop and mobile but none are listed here yet.  My creative ideas have been piling up and they need an outlet soon.

A Fresh Start

So the new website format is up, as well as a new game available to play.  Enjoy, there will be more to come!